Opening June 17th!

Plummet Speed Slides

Shoot down one of our two 40’ vertical drop speed slides! Cross your arms, inch forward until gravity takes over, then enjoy plunging 40′ straight down the chute! At the bottom see if you can spray your friends who were too scared to come up!

Ride Restrictions: Minimum height of 48″ and max weight of 250lbs. No life jackets, goggles, sunglasses, hats, or oversized shirts. Single riders only, no mats on the slide.


A 272’ long slide! Try not to get dizzy with a full 720º spin to start and then head back 360ºs the other way! This twisty ride will thrill all ages!

Ride Restrictions: Riders above 36″ ride alone, under 36″ rider MUST ride with a responsible guardian (16 years old or older). The max combined weight may not exceed 300lbs. No life jackets, goggles, sunglasses, or hats are allowed. Blue mats are mandatory. Riders must sit or lay back, feet first riding ONLY.


A 246’ long enclosed BLACKOUT body slide that will shoot you through two full 360º loops while dropping over 4 stories! Look for the light at the end of the tunnel where you drop into the splash pool.

Ride Restrictions: Minimum height of 48″ and max weight of 250lbs. No life jackets, goggles, sunglasses, or hats allowed. Rider must sit or lay back, feet first riding ONLY. Blue mats are optional. Single riders only.


25,000 gallons to cool off in after completing any of our non-aquatic adventures.

Restrictions: No diving. No running. No mats in the pool. No chicken fights or horseplay in the pool. Jumping may be allowed when there are few patrons in the pool, ask for lifeguard permission. Life jackets are available for all patrons, please use one if you need it.

The Reef

Swim in our spring-fed swimming hole or challenge yourself on our expanded inflatable obstacle challenge course (The Wibit). Bring a chair or beach towel with your umbrella to enjoy the over 2,000 square feet of sandy beach.

Restrictions: Must be a strong swimmer, life jackets required for weak or non-swimmers. Diving and jumping off the dock are allowed; however, no flipping anywhere in the lake.

Wibit Restrictions: Life jackets are mandatory for all users under 18. Do NOT swim under any part of the Wibit. Two patrons per obstacle, wait for lifeguard’s cue before starting. The Wibit is one way; do not go against the flow. If you fall off, you have three tries to get back on, if you cannot get back on you must return to the back of the line and start again. Ask a lifeguard before jumping off the Wibit. Rules may change based upon the water levels in our spring-fed swimming hole.


Explore our spray ground filled with 5,000 square feet of interactive water toys designed for our explorers to feel young and refreshed while discovering a brand new world. This area is perfect for the youngsters to cool off and splash around in!

Restrictions: No running. Do not climb the slides. Blue mats are slippery, be careful walking over them. No horseplay allowed.

Candia Springs Waterpark Rules

  • All guests entering the waterpark require a ticket for entry.
  • Obey all posted height and weight restrictions for rides and attractions.
  • Use slides and attractions only if you have sufficient knowledge and the physical ability to use the ride safely. Ask attendant for assistance.
  • Running inside the park is not permitted.
  • Swimwear with rivets, belts, or metal ornamentation are not allowed on water slides.
  • Ride slides only if you are NOT: pregnant, have had neck injuries, arthritis, seizures, motion sickness, dizziness, heart conditions, claustrophobia, or any other serious medical conditions.
  • Use slides and attractions if you are NOT under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind.
  • Use pools if you have not had diarrhea in the past 24hrs with flu like symptoms.
  • Take a cleansing shower before entering pools.
  • Enter and exit all rides and attractions at the designated areas.
  • Use swim diapers for toddlers and infants who are not toilet trained.
  • Keep all food and drink away from pools and spas.
  • Use eyeglass retainers in the water.
  • Smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes only in the designated area.
  • Profanity, abusive language, symbols, or gestures are prohibited.
  • Disruptive, threatening, or lewd behavior to any guest or CSAP staff member is prohibited.
  • Taking photos of anyone other than your family members or friends is prohibited.
  • Tailgating in Candia Springs parking lots is prohibited.
  • Pets in vehicles in the Candia Springs parking lots are prohibited (per NH State Law)
  • Pets, other than service animals, are prohibited in the park.


  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Everyone must follow the rules posted at each ride and attraction along with any verbal instructions provided.
  • We recommend weak or non-swimmers use Coast Card type II/III personal flotation devices (PFD). PFD’s these are available in the park.

We reserve the right to shut down any attraction without notice due to low attendance, weather, or other operational needs.

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446 Raymond Road Candia NH, 03034

Website Designed and Maintained by CSAP LLC